Genesis farms

Introducing Genesis Farms: A Unique Feature Zksync labs
Genesis farms are an innovative component of zkSync Labs, created to establish initial liquidity for the platform before our native token, $ZKLABX, goes live. These exclusive farms offer early supporters an enticing chance to acquire $ZKLABX ahead of the curve.
Drawing from our established Chemical pool reward framework, Genesis farms serve as privileged opportunities for early adopters. The primary goal of these farms is to lay the groundwork for liquidity on zkSync Labs while simultaneously enabling our community to accumulate $ZLCX. Occasionally, Genesis farms may also distribute incentives from a secondary token, typically supplied by a partnering protocol.
What makes Genesis farms even more compelling is the dual reward system for stakers. Once regular farming rewards are activated, Genesis stakers will simultaneously accumulate both Genesis and farming rewards, boosting their overall profitability.
The Genesis pools will follow this timeline: March ...nd: Genesis pools unveiled and open for deposits March ....rd: Genesis pool rewards allocation begins for depositors (harvesting not available yet) March .... nd: Genesis pools permanently closed for deposits April ...th: Harvesting of rewards from Genesis pools enabled
Genesis farms are set to launch on March ...nd, with deposits accepted until April ...nd. After this cutoff, no further deposits will be accepted. Reward distribution for Genesis farms commences on March ...rd, continuing linearly for six months.
Genesis rewards will be visible starting from March ...rd, but harvesting will only be possible from April ....th onwards.
How to Get Involved? Before depositing into any Genesis farm, liquidity must first be converted into a staked position. To provide initial liquidity for zkSync Labs and secure rights to six months of $ZLCX emissions, create a staked position on: ​ Select the "position" tab and contribute your liquidity. Next, navigate to the Genesis farms page and choose the corresponding pool to deposit your newly created position: ​ For step-by-step guidance on creating a position and depositing into a Genesis farm, refer to the provided instructions.
Throughout the six months following the public sale, depositors will earn linear $ZKLABX emissions. Depositors can withdraw at any time, at which point their share of emissions will be redistributed among the remaining participants.
Essentially, early withdrawal from a Genesis farm is entirely feasible, with the remaining allocated rewards being redistributed among the remaining stakers, similar to a conventional farm.
How to Estimate Rewards? A total of 5% of the $ZKLAB supply is reserved for Genesis pool rewards, ensuring substantial returns. However, providing an accurate APR initially will be challenging as $ZLC will not yet have a set price.
As a result, each Genesis farm will feature a custom APR calculator once live, allowing users to estimate their projected returns based on a presumed FDV.
Crucially, once standard liquidity mining emissions are activated after the public sale, Genesis depositors will receive both farming rewards AND Genesis farm rewards, along with any additional bonuses earned from locking their LPs.
In summary, Genesis farm yields supplement the base liquidity mining rewards provided to pools, unlocking a lucrative earning potential for early participants.
Pool Options Main pools will include popular trading pairs on zkSync and will be divided between "main" liquidity and launch partner pools. These options will be gradually disclosed leading up to the official start of the Genesis farms.