zkSync labs Roadmap
Q1 2023:
• Preparation for the Project: Conduct market research, gather insights, and lay the foundation for the zkSync Labs project.
• Development of Infrastructure: Build the necessary technical infrastructure and architecture to support the zkSync Labs ecosystem.
• Team Expansion: Grow our team with skilled professionals and experts in the blockchain and decentralized finance space.
• Partnership Exploration: Identify potential strategic partnerships and collaborations to enhance the zkSync Labs ecosystem.
Q2 2023:
• Release of zkSync Labs' DEX: Launch our decentralized exchange on the zkSync and ETH blockchains, providing users with a seamless and secure trading experience.
• Release of the Bridge: Introduce a bridge between zkSync and other blockchains, allowing for interoperability and seamless asset transfers.
• Launch on PinkSale: List the $ZKLAB token on PinkSale, a trusted platform for token sales, creating an opportunity for investors to participate in our project.
• Introduction of Liquidity Pools: Enable users to participate in liquidity pools and earn rewards by providing liquidity to the zkSync Labs ecosystem.
• Bridge between zkSync Labs ETH and zkSync: Establish a bridge that allows users to transfer $ZKLAB tokens between the zkSync Labs ETH chain and zkSync chain.
• Implementation of Staking: Enable $ZKLAB token holders to stake their tokens and earn additional rewards while actively participating in the governance of zkSync Labs.
Q3 2023:
• Launchpad: Introduce a launchpad platform that enables new projects to launch their tokens and raise funds in a decentralized and community-driven manner
• Expansion of Partnerships: Forge strategic partnerships with other decentralized finance projects to enhance interoperability and create new opportunities for our users.
• Launch of Yield Farming Platform: Enable users to participate in yield farming and earn attractive returns by staking their assets within the zkSync Labs ecosystem.
• Introduction of GovernaneSystem: Empower $ZKLAB token holders to participate in the decision-making process of zkSync Labs through a robust governance system.
Q4 2023:
• Development of Lending and Borrowing Platform: Build a lending and borrowing platform that allows users to borrow assets and earn interest on their deposited funds.
• Continued Research and Development: Stay committed to continuous research and development to explore innovative scaling solutions and advance the capabilities of zkSync and other layer-1 blockchains.
• Ongoing Community Building: Foster an engaged and vibrant community, actively engaging with our users, organizing events, and providing educational resources to drive adoption and growth.
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