Staking on the zkSync labs platform is made easy with Genesis Pools, which are designed to receive only staked positions (spZKLAB) as deposits. Each Genesis Pool has specific settings, including a wrapped LP or single asset, a reward token, a deposit start time, and a rewards distribution phase duration. Some customized Genesis Pools with different settings may be available, but users will always be informed explicitly on the pool's page, and all custom pools come directly from the zkSync labs team or have been audited by them.
Users can deposit as many spZKLABs as they want, and rewards are calculated based on the sum of all current deposits. New positions can be added or withdrawn at any time, and users can also interact with their staked positions by adding more to them or harvesting their rewards for all of their staked spZKLABs into a Genesis Pool.
However, certain operations may be unavailable while a position is staked, and users will need to withdraw it from the Genesis Pool to perform those operations. Withdrawing a position can be done either completely or partially, depending on the user's preference. Overall, staking on the zkSync labs platform is a flexible and rewarding experience that allows users to earn additional rewards and manage their assets with ease.