Launchpad explained

The Launchpad platform offered by zkSync Labs is unique in comparison to traditional launchpads as it enables anyone to participate in upcoming token sales without any eligibility restrictions. The custom fair launch model employed by zkSync Labs aims to create a fair and transparent environment for all participants, irrespective of their influence or financial capacity. This model ensures that all participants have an equal opportunity to purchase tokens before they hit the open market, without worrying about price fluctuations that may occur during the token listing period.
Regardless of the amount or timing of investment, all participants will receive tokens worth the same value as their contribution. The details of each sale, including hardcap, whitelist, and other specifics, are provided by the project team before each launchpad sale via social media and Telegram channels.
Furthermore, all participants are guaranteed an equal share of tokens as long as they participate within the designated timeframe. The token price is determined by a fair launch auction model, which sets a minimum price for each token at the beginning of the auction. The price then increases continuously with every purchase made, with the final price being determined by the total amount raised and the sale's circulating supply.
Overall, the fair launch auction model ensures that all participants, regardless of their investment size or timing, receive tokens at the same final price based on the auction's valuation. Launchpad-related benefits are also available to users.
How is the token price determined? For instance: The fair launch auction will start with a $25m FDV, and the minimum price for each token is established at $0.25. Once the auction raises the first $2.5 million, the price discovery phase begins. During this phase, the price of each token will increase continuously with every purchase made. Price = Total $ raised / sale circulating supply. It's important to note that regardless of when you decide to participate, everyone, including whitelisted addresses, will receive $XYZ tokens at the same final price based on the final valuation of the fair launch public sale auction. An example of a fair launch model without a hard cap: Alice contributed $2,500 during the first few minutes of the sale when the price was $0.25, and John contributed $2,500 on the last day of the sale when the token price was $0.225. In that case, the final valuation of the public sale auction is $0.25 per token, and both Alice and John are eligible to claim 10,000 tokens each. The token listing starting price will be $0.25. Users have the opportunity to take advantage of launchpad-related benefits.