Creating a Genesis Pool

Creating a Genesis Pool is an easy process that allows anyone to incentivize liquidity for any type of token. All you need to do is provide the following information:
  • The token (LP token or single asset) to incentivize
  • The incentive token
  • The opening time (when deposits will start being accepted and the pool will appear on the app)
  • The start time (when rewards distribution will start)
  • The end time (when rewards distribution will end)
After creating the Genesis Pool, the deployer can optionally configure its settings and add rewards at any time before the end time, even if rewards are already being distributed. Rewards can only be in the form of the incentive token defined at creation.
Genesis Pools can be modified or canceled by their owners anytime before the opening time. "Official Genesis" pools are created directly by the zkSync Labs team or confirmed partners and may have custom implementations specified on their respective pages. On the other hand, newly created Genesis Pools are marked as "Community Genesis" pools by default, indicating that they have been created freely by someone without going through the zkSync Labs team.