Manage your positions

Position management is an essential part of maximizing your returns on zkSync labs staking platform. By managing your staked positions, you can adjust locks, boost or un-boost positions, transfer them to other wallets, split or merge them, and perform other tasks.
The Positions List displays all your staked positions, including their associated pairs, locked amount, and available amounts. From this list, you can access all the management functions for your staked positions.
Basic utilities: Deposit, withdraw, and harvest Through the deposit function, you can increase your staked position by depositing the same tokens used to create it. Withdrawing allows you to withdraw staked positions back into LP tokens or single assets in full or in part. Harvesting enables you to claim your pending rewards from an active yield farm.
Lock and renew The lock function lets you lock your staked position for a duration of your choice, and the longer you lock, the higher your Multiplier bonus from farming emissions. Renewing the duration of your lock is also possible, but you must renew it for at least the same number of days as are left on the lock.
Boost and unboost Boosting your position can be done by clicking the boost button, allowing you to boost your position instead of using the yield booster page. The unboost button works in the opposite direction.
Split, merge, and transfer The split function lets you split your staked position with a ratio set by you. Some settings of a position are adapted when it's split, such as the lock duration. Positions that were yield-boosted will maintain their boost on the original ID position. With the merge function, you can merge multiple staked positions that share the same pair. There's no limit to how many positions you can merge. Whenever you merge multiple positions, the longest lock from a particular position is always applied to the merged position. Using the transfer feature, you can transfer staked positions from one wallet to another, thereby making the receiving wallet the owner of the staked positions.
managing your staked positions on zkSync labs staking platform is easy, and it enables you to maximize your returns and take advantage of all the platform's features.